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Seal centre in hel

The main seaside boulevard, located between the fishing port and the navy harbour, leads to the Hel seal research centre which is open to visitors. In the pools there are grey seals which used to be the most common species found in the south Baltic area but have almost become extinct due to intensive and long-term hunt. In the seal centre there are animals in quaran-tine and recovery after which they return to their natural environment. The seal centre is part of the Marine Station – a research site of the Gdansk University Oceanography Institute which carries out a project of grey seal colony protection in the south Baltic region. The research centre was founded in 1999, although the seal protection project had been started earlier – with the first seal charge named Balbin.


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Port of wladyslawowo

The port of Wladyslawowo is located at the northern end of the Kashubian seaside area, at the base of the Hel Peninsula which reaches east from the mainland. The name Wladyslawowo derives from the 17th-century military port built at the order of King Wladyslaw IV. It is a typical fishing port but also a sailing harbour with passenger services. It also has a minor cargo function in domestic trade. The port of Wladyslawowo is a fishing base where the boats moor at the piers number 1, 2 and 3, as well as at a part of the pas-senger and cargo piers. Apart from the typical harbour services the port is partly open for tourists. Pictures of fishing boats at sea are unique keepsakes. May through October the harbour is popular with yachts and sailing boats which moor there for a supply of oil, food and water, as well as to make necessary repairs. In the port there is a sea border crossing for tourists heading for Scandinavian, Lithuanian and Latvian ports. Apart from the cruise boat pier, the west breakwater is also worth seeing for the beautiful view of the town centre. This is also the place from which to admire boats leaving the port or dredgers at work. The breakwaters hold away sea currents carrying sand onto the Hel Peninsula. To avoid blocking the entrance to the port and turning the town of Hel into an island, the sand residues must be removed from the bottom of the port entrance and transported nearer to the shore to make it more wave resistant. The west breakwater also serves as a walking pier and is the favourite place for anglers and walkers.


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High ropes adventure course

The high ropes course is located 300 metres away from the camp site, in the direction of Wladyslawowo. It is a special type of extreme adventure installation of tall trees and high ropes set at different heights (up to about 10 metres over the ground). This adventure course consists of such elements attached to trees like tight ropes, hand ropes, ladders, bridges, hanging or swinging platforms, hanging vertical logs, scramble nets, zip wires, swings etc. There are various courses set at different heights for diversified levels of difficulty, allowing the participants to adjust the course level to their abilities. The high ropes course is certified at the Polish Mountaineering Association and the Interna-tional Federation of Mountaineering Associations. While enjoying the course in Wladyslawowo the participants are insured at the WARTA Insurance Company.


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Sea lighthouse in rozewie

The famous lighthouse was built in Rozewie by the lighthouse keeper Leon Wzorek. It is ad-ministered by the Marine Board in Gdynia and is open to the public. Two lighthouses still stand on the 54-metre-high cliff: the old lighthouse and the new one. The height of the lighthouse is 33 metres, which makes the distance of the light from the sea level to be 87 metres. The lighthouse emits flashes of light every 3 seconds. The light is seen from the sea (at clear visibility) at the distance of 23,4 nautical miles (1 mile = 1852 metres). The light-house is famous for a legend telling a story of Stefan Zeromski writing his novel "Wiatr od morza" up there. In fact, Stefan Zeromski visited the Rozewie lighthouse but his famous nov-el was written in Warsaw.


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Beach in chlapowo

Along the north town limits of Chlapowo a beautiful sandy beach stretches under a high cliff. What adds to its unique charm are the various passageways to the sea, ranging from wide stairs to narrow fishermen’s paths and the picturesque Chlapowo Ravine. The main sea bath-ing site is situated on the wide beach with mild white sand without pebbles. Right next to it the sea adds to the beauty of this sight by means of a layer of sea stones and single rocks reaching above the waves. In the summer this unique place awakes with sunrise. During the day the most popular attractions are guarded bathing sites, jet ski rides and beach ball games. At sunset dreaming walkers admire the setting sun over Cape Rozewie. The east part of the Chlapowo beach merges with the crowded Wladyslawowo beach, while the west part is always free, with scattered walkers heading towards Rozewie along the shore.


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The chlapowo ravine

First of all one should see the Chlapowo Ravine. It is located about 1 km from the camp site, in the direction of Rozewie. The ravine is called "Rudnik" by the Kashubes. The valley is a reserve which is a protected area belonging to the Seaside Landscape Park, however the beauty of this 24,83 hectare area is exceptional throughout the whole Baltic coast. The Chlapowo Ravine is worth seeing for the beauty of the picturesque valley, intact nature and such rare plant species as broom, juniper, sea buckthorn and wild fruit trees, but most of all the wonderful view of the sea cliff.


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